Fairhaven CE VA Primary School

Fairhaven CE VA Primary School is situated in the broadland village of South Walsham. The school has a rural setting, surrounded by farmland, backing on to the village playing fields and opposite Fairhaven Garden Trust.

We currently have 4 classes, a purpose built library, a well resourced computer suite and a hall that is used for assemblies, PE, music and as a dining room. We have a hard play area with some exciting play equipment and use of the village playing fields for sports activities and summer playtimes.

Our fenced wildlife garden with picnic benches provides the added dimension of an unusual outdoor classroom. Here the children cultivate vegetables in raised beds. There is also a pond with a small dipping platform which the children enjoy using under supervision.

We pride ourselves on our strong family ethos and our Christian school strives to enable young people to realise that they have the potential to make a real difference to themselves, others and the world.

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Fairhaven CE VA Primary School

Fairhaven Primary School
School Road
South Walsham
NR13 6DZ
T 01603 270224
F 01603 270521