Cluster Steering Group

This page provides information on the governance of the Cluster Steering Group and its responsibilities.  

1. The Cluster Steering Group informs the Governing Bodies of each participating institution on all matters pertaining to the Cluster and acts as a forum of the Governing Body to jointly agree matters relating to the Cluster.

The following persons are entitled to attend any meeting of the Steering Group:

• Any member of the Steering Group provided they are not suspended from a participating school;
• The head teacher or named substitute of the schools whether or not a member of the Cluster Steering Group;
• Any such other persons as the Steering Group may determine.

2. Each Governing Body will determine the membership on the Cluster Steering Group for their school.

3. The Governing Bodies of the schools seek to reach common agreement on Cluster activities in order that the “Cluster Lead” is able to ensure that appropriate practices are followed.

4. The Steering Group makes recommendations by a majority vote but has no decision making powers save to the extent each voting member is acting on authority properly delegated to them by the participating Governing Bodies. Each school or institution will have only one vote (each school will decide who has the authority to cast that vote). Where there is an equal division of votes the person who is acting as chair of the Steering Group for the purposes of the meeting shall have a second or casting vote, provided that person is a member of a participating Governing Body. The Cluster Steering Group is chaired by a governor elected annually by its members.

5. The Cluster Lead is agreed annually by the headteachers of the participating schools.


6. The Cluster Lead and the Chair of the Cluster Steering Group are responsible for agendas. The Clerk keeps the minutes of all meetings. The Cluster Lead shall ensure that a financial report is provided for the Steering Group each term.

7. The clerk shall convene and attend the Steering Group meetings, perform those other functions determined by the Steering Group and comply with any direction given by the Steering Group. The Steering Group may if the clerk fails to attend one its meetings appoint any one of its members to act as clerk for the purposes of that meeting.

8. The clerk shall (usually) give to each member of the Steering Group at least fourteen clear days in advance: (a) written notice of the meeting; (b) a copy of the agenda for the meeting and (c) any reports or other papers to be considered at the meeting. The items referred to at (a), (b) and (c) shall be made available as soon as reasonably practicable for inspection by any interested person save that any matter that the Steering Group is satisfied should remain confidential.

9. The Steering Group may remove the clerk at any time in accordance with their employment rights.

10. Any person disqualified from holding office as a governor under the relevant school governance regulations or suspended from any participating school cannot attend the Cluster Steering Group. If any governor or headteacher ceases to be a governor or the headteacher of a participating school they cannot continue to be a member of the cluster.

11. The proceedings of the Steering Group shall not be invalidated by any vacancy among its number or any defect in the appointment of any member of the Steering Group.

The current cluster lead is Miss Rachel Quick, Headteacher of Freethorpe Community Primary School.

If you wish to contact Miss Quick please call the school on 01493 700215 or send an email to