Festival of Poetry 2018

The seven primary schools took part in this years event on 6th/7th February which was again held at Southwood Hall. Monday morning the Reception Classes and year groups 1 & 2 set the standard, with years 3 & 4 in the afternoon. On Tuesday years 5 & 6 and Acle Academy performed in the morning.

The competition has four categories which are:

  • a poem of own choice by an individual or pair;
  • one of six set poems as a large group, without movement or dramatic gestures;
  • own choice poem in a large group with movement and dramatic if required;
  • a poem written by and performed by an individual, group or class.

The schools competed in year groups against each other in front of judges and parents, they were assessed on their presentation and either Gold, Silver or Bronze Standard Certificates were awarded.

The judges, all members of Broadland Rotary were amazed at the standard achieved by the young people.

A Special thank you to Mrs Anna Key for again allowing us to use the magnificent setting of Southwood Hall.

Below is a selection of poems written by the children

Monster under the Bed

 I woke up to a deafening uproar,

What was the sound? A snore?

I started to tremble,

What did the noise resemble?


A monster, under the bed!

Is it purple with a green spotty head?

Blue, red and pink

Or as black as ink?


A monster, under the bed!

White shiny eyes,

Echoing, echoing, echoing cries.

I needed to flee,

It’s going to eat me!


I was starting to fret,

This was NO kind of pet!

I peered over the edge of the bed,


I heard and out of the shadows

Came a…


You woke me up!

Squeak! Squeak!


By Florence and Freya

Fairhaven Primary School Year 6

Lingwood Yrs 5 & 6 The Crowded Hall Cantley Waiting to go onEnthralled Judges Outstanding Solo Performance Everyone packed in