Great Egg Race

Six of the cluster primary schools took part in the Great Egg Race Challenge at Freethorpe School on Tuesday 14th March 2017. This years challenge was to imagine that there is a bottomless chasm that you must transport a highly fragile cargo across without damaging it. The chasm is represented by two tables set one metre apart and the cargo by a chicken egg, it is not practical to build a bridge across the chasm as it would not be used again so alternative method of transporting must be found.

.The teams of four children one from each of Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 were judged on team work, planning, design, build quality and operating performance. I am pleased to say that all teams completed the task but with varying degrees of success.

It was a difficult competition to judge, as the teams had different elements of the structure which were good but other elements that didn’t work too well. Finally after some time deliberating it was decided the winners were the Cantley team, based very much on the solid structure of their support towers.

The Cantley Team recieved winner certificates and all the other teams participation certificates.

Some photographs from last years event which was building a tipper truck.

Construction Stage Final Touches Reedham Model The race is on Winning Team.Spot the Steering Wheel