The tournament was held on 23rd February on a bitterly cold day with the wind whistling across The Norwich Schools Redmayne Sports Field. Many thanks once again to The Norwich School for allowing us to use their facilities and to Toby Grieves, staff and pupils of the school for running the event. 

“I scored two tries and we came second” said Florence from Fairhaven Primary

Harry from Reedham remarked “I thought it was really cold, but it was great fun and I want to play again”.

Two seperate tournaments ran at the same time, one for years 3 & 4 and the other for years 5 & 6. The tournament was six-a-side and at least two girls had be on the pitch at any time and each school had a squad of ten players. 

Medals were awarded as follows:

Years 3 & 4   Gold Fairhaven     Silver Cantley      Bronze Freethorpe

Years 5 & 6   Gold Acle     Silver Fairhaven       Bronze Cantley

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